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Clear Laser City Clinic
Everybody has skin and body issues. Why let that get in the way of being a new and confident you? Here at Clear Laser City Clinic, we work together with you to find the solution. Whether it is laser hair removal or a spa facial, our staff will have you leaving with a smile. Come join us in a quiet and tranquil setting, where the only concern is making you feel the way you want. Our lavish variety of services is sure to accommodate your needs. We are located in Manhattan which is the heart of the New York. We’re very easy to get to and have a flexible schedule to fit your needs, whether you want an early morning facial or a late night massage. Call us for an appointment today.
Collagen Banking!
Thermage FLX
Reverse signs of aging
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Excel V
Skin Wellness
Clear Lift, Clear Skin, Clear Vein
Forcer young; Broadband Light
Medical Skincare
Enhance the natural beauty

I’ve had acne scar on my cheek and in certain lighting the scar looked bad. I received fraxel, Dr. Hong has been amazing, he explained every step with treatent detail and after every procedure. My experience with him has been wonderful! it helped the scar smooth enough that I felt comfortable with myself.

- Claire S


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